's Photographic Haiku

On this website I have combined my love of photography and haiku, a poetic artform derived from the Japanese.

The Earth is a most wonderous place, ordinary seedpods, tiny little fungi, the most plain looking insect that we usually take for granted can turn into real eye openers when the camera is used to unlock the beauty and detail that our eyes sometimes fail to recognize. One doesn't have to go to far away countries to find something special, new magic can be found everywhere, if one just cares to look a little bit more closely.

With these images I hope to share some of the beauty and insights that only the view through the lens of a camera can reveal. Some pictures are more obvious, but all in all they are special moments caught in time, with the aid of my Canon EOS 700D.

Each photograph is accompanied by a haiku, together with the picture it attempts to tell the story of a moment, convey an athmosphere, an emotion.

I hope that you gain enjoyment by browsing through these pages and that this site, even if only briefly, will brighten up your time.

Wilting Cornflower in Wind

Wilting Cornflower in the Wind

A windstorm in May;

lead sky, frail purple besieged.

The now merges with the past.